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First Rate Lending knows what it takes to be a successful lender. Since the start of our operation, our dedication to exceed your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction has made us what we are today.

From start to finish in the loan process, we provide no less than exceptional service to our most prized possessions: our customers.

As a leader in the mortgage industry, we aim to deliver excellence in every area. Based on client feedback, we constantly strive to improve our systems and technology to improve our efficiency and success ratio.

Because market conditions are constantly in flux, we keep our fingers on the pulse of mortgage backed securities to ensure that you get the best interest rate possible.
First Rate Lending, deal with loans experts
First Rate Lending offers Home Equity Loans & Home Equity Lines Of Credit
(HELOC) in Stanton , Orange County , California

Jeff Kutnick - President of First Rate LendingThank you for visiting our site. I personally guarantee you will get the most honest and knowledgeable advice in the lending industry. I invite you to fill out the two step quick application, or call toll free 866.562.6838. We will respond and help you immediately.

Jeff Kutnick
President of First Rate Lending
Borrowing has never been easier in Stanton.

We have available affordable, effective solutions to borrowing money. Whether it is for home improvements, a new car, a well deserved vacation, a special event or for just anything else, we can help. Homeowners can really benefit from taking out a home equity loan or line of credit.

This type of loan is available to most people in Stanton. All you need is equity in your property. Equity means the value of the property minus any mortgage or loan secured upon it. With this type of loan, even those with bad credit stand a good chance of getting the money they need. The lender has the security of knowing that the loan is secured with collateral and therefore can afford to take more risks with regards to who can borrow money.

Both the loan and a line of credit offer affordability as well as convenience. You can raise the cash you need based upon how much equity you have in your home. Some lenders will allow you to borrow against all of your equity, some will lend a higher amount than your equity, and some will allow you to borrow a certain percentage of the equity in your home. With a line of credit, lenders will allow you to enjoy a revolving line of credit over a set term, after which you may be able to renew this credit.

You can compare the different deals available on home equity loans or lines of credit which means that you can find the best deal in your own time and from the comfort of your own home. You can also speed up the process considerably by completing your application online, which means you can get your cash far more quickly.
Finding your way through all of the options, payment plans, applications and paperwork can be confusing. Learn about some of the options available by clicking below or let a professional listen to your needs and assist you in getting started.

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